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Movie Trivia

Movie trivia is a fun way to test your knowledge of movies, actors, actresses, and directors. This site has movie trivia questions covering all kinds of movies - romantic comedies, dramas, and even your favorite horror flicks! Whether you love Disney or movies from the 80s and 90s, we've got a movie trivia quiz that you'll have all kinds of fun with. Each of our quizzes has multiple choice answers so if you don't know you can always guess!

Do you REALLY love movies? Want to test your knowledge of movie trivia? Then take our online movie trivia quiz and challenge your knowledge of all things movie-related. So what are you waiting for? Take the quiz now!

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Who was supposed to be the chosen one, but failed?

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What happens to the Scarecrow?

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Which isn't a rule for taking care of Mogwai?

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Who was in detention for skipping school in 'The Breakfast Club'?

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In the Little Mermaid, what was Prince Eric doing on the boat in the beginning?

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Which farmhand doubled as the Scarecrow?

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The trolls from Frozen are experts at:

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What kingdom does Elsa rule over?

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Critically acclaimed, the hit sequel 'Terminator 2' was directed by whom?

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What does Ariel use as a dress when she first turns human in the Little Mermaid?

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What are the Wicked Witch's guards called?

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In the original script for the very first Star Wars movie, what was Darth Vader's real first name?

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Which isn’t a song on the 'Labyrinth' soundtrack?

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What is Elsa's snow monster called?

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Which fairy tale loosely inspired 'Frozen'?

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