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Time to prove your overall trivia skills with our general trivia quiz. You'll get trivia questions from every direction covering all the various topics you can find on this site. To score well you'll need to be a jack of all trades. We'll be honest, very few people can get above 50% of the questions right on this general trivia quiz. So, consider yourself a trivia whiz if you can get at least eight of these answers correct. Sound easy? Well, let's see what you're made of! Press start below to begin our 15 question general trivia question quiz.

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What was the very first song Taylor Swift ever wrote?

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Which film's protagonist was a pregnant female police officer?

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When did the first inhabitants of North America who migrated from Siberia?

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Who was not a cast member in 'Schindler's List'?

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What is considered the first modern-age electric car?

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What is the twist at the end of the music video for 'Call Me Maybe'?

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Which 1995 Robin Williams movie inspired a sequel series/reboot in 2017?

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The periodization of human prehistory known as the Three-age system comprises of...

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How many siblings does Kevin have in 'Home Alone'?

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What company merged with Benz and Cie. that become the Mercedes-Benz we know today?

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The word heterotroph comes from two Greek words héteros and trophḗ which means...

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Where is the "Cape of Good Hope" located?

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The 3 main agricultural crops of various Indigenous peoples of North America are collectively known as...

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What is considered the first automobile?

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Which is credited with inspiring the 'Twilight' series?

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Trivia is a great way to learn new things and test your knowledge. It can also be a lot of fun. On our general trivia quiz, you will find questions on a variety of topics, including history, science, pop culture, and more. So whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge or just kill some time, we have the quiz for you.

If you want to see general trivia questions with answers included you’ll need to complete the quiz above first! For some random sample questions, see below!

General Trivia Questions
  • Who created the first hierarchical biological classification for animals?
  • Who is considered the first long-distance driver?
  • The War of 1812 was a declaration of war by the U.S. against Great Britain. Who signed the declaration into law?
  • What is considered as the only true flying mammal?
  • The FCI acronym stands for…
  • What is the longest living animal in the world?
  • Who owns the distinction of being the only U.S. president and also serving as a chief justice later?
  • What are the types of dog intelligence?
  • How many breeds of cats are recognized?
  • What infamous plant is known to affect a cat’s behavior?
  • David Hayter is famous among video game enthusiasts for voicing a video game character. Who is this character?
  • Carmen de Aldana holds the record for having the most number of cat-related items. How many items does she own?
  • In human kinetics, antagonistic means…
  • How many fell victim to the Boston Massacre?
  • How many olfactory receptors does a dog’s nose have?
  • Aside from the platypus, what is only other living mammal that lays eggs?
  • Who owns the largest video game collection?
  • One year in Jupiter is equivalent to how many Earth years?
  • The Xoloitzcuintle is a breed of…
  • How many bones do cats have?
  • Are tomatoes considered fruits or vegetables?
  • What is the most expensive video game made to date?
  • The Intolerable Acts were retaliation for acts of colonial defiance. How many acts were contained within it?
  • Throughout history, there have been three U.S. presidents to have died during the 4th of July. On the opposite side of the spectrum, which president was born during the said date?
  • What car holds the record for the highest annual selling car of all time in the US?
  • Which U.S. president worked for Cosmopolitan magazine?
  • A group of cats is called…
  • Which of the following U.S. president does not share the distinction of passing away on the 4th of July?
  • Which video game company collaborated with Sony that eventually lead to the creation of the PlayStation?
  • A cat’s ability to reorient itself when falling to land on its feet is called…
  • What does SPAM stand for?
  • Les Enfants Terribles was a project developed to produce clones of Big Boss. Which of the following are byproducts of this project?
  • William Henry Harrison has the misfortune of having the shortest presidency in U.S. history. What other misfortune did he experience?
  • What is the average lifespan of a human red blood cell?
  • In the animal kingdom, the word pride means…
  • What accessory was needed in order to trade Pokemons back in Red, Blue, and Yellow era of the series?
  • If a certain presidentiable candidate was known for the In your heart, you know he’s right slogan, who was responsible for the rhetoric in your guts, you know he’s nuts?
  • What is widely regarded as the first affordable car?
  • Who invented the first-ever self-propelled vehicle?
  • How many seeds does an average strawberry have?
  • Bilateria is characterized by having…
  • James A. Garfield had the misfortune of getting shot in the abdomen. Who was responsible for helping the doctors remove the bullet?
  • What did Alexander Fleming discover that is used to treat infections?
  • What was the Boston Tea Party about?
  • Aside from dogs, which of the following baby animals are called pup?
  • Which resolution was passed that asserted that the Thirteen Colonies were free and separate from the British Empire and formed the United States of America?
  • In what period was the first cat to have been named?
  • What is considered the first automobile?
  • Who is credited for inventing the first electric vehicle?
  • Early British accounts of the St. Bernard dog breed is referred to as…
  • The word heterotroph comes from two Greek words héteros and trophḗ which means…
  • Which of the following animals are unable to reproduce asexually?
  • Who is considered America’s first acting president?
  • Which U.S. president owns the distinction of being the first to get married and to have a baby born within the White House?
  • Which of the following is not a type of dog breed?
  • In what year was Nintendo founded?
  • What was the first hybrid car?
  • Broccoli is originally an Italian word that means…
  • What caused John Quincy Adams’ teeth to erode?
  • The Xoloitzcuintli dog breed was derived from…
  • Which of the following fruits is considered an alternative to meat?
  • The St. Bernard dog breed is named after..
  • According to studies, dogs have been found to be sensitive to small variations in Earth’s magnetic field. Which axis do dogs prefer aligning when defecating and urinating?
  • Which of the following states is not part of the original Thirteen Colonies during the American Revolution?
  • Who was the first African-American presidential candidate?
  • What animal is capable of changing its direction in midair?
  • How many toes does a polydactyl cat have?
  • What are the only species in which the male gets pregnant and gives birth?
  • What was Abraham Lincoln’s campaign slogan?
  • What was the first car capable of reaching 200km/hr?
  • Which among the following U.S. presidents owns the distinction of having the first Siamese cat to come to the United States?
  • The disk that encircles a back hole is called a…
  • Who among the following U.S. presidents served as a bomber pilot during WWII?
  • How many Hollywood movies did Rin Tin Tin appear in?
  • What family of plants does quinoa belong to?
  • A dog is known for its very sensitive sense of…
  • Aestivation is a state of?
  • Grover Cleveland actually had a tumor during a recession. In order to avoid public panic, he had it removed secretly. Where was he located during the surgery?
  • What food is the best source of lycopene?
  • How many toes does the back paw of a typical cat have?
  • Becquerel is a unit of measurement. What does it pertain to?
  • The creature responsible for the number of human deaths in history is…
  • The word animal in Latin means…
  • What food inspired the conception of Pac-Man?
  • Allium sativum is more commonly known as…
  • What animal has the longest gestation period?
  • A cat can taste the air with a specialized organ. What is this organ called?
  • Who is responsible for the modern convenience that is speed control?
  • What dog breed is considered the smallest in the world?
  • Which of the following museums is dedicated to strawberries?
  • How many species of animals are there?
  • What living animal has the highest blood pressure?
  • The giant golden-crowned flying fox is an endemic species found only in what country?
  • Which US president set the precedent for being the first to not own slaves?
  • The cat species belongs to what family of mammals?
  • In English, what does BMW stand for?
  • Kopi luwak is partially digested by the Asian palm civet. It is used as…
  • The tiny hooks on a cat’s tongue are called…
  • How many planets are visible from Earth with the naked eye?
  • In the Fallout series, what does V.A.T.S. stand for?