Music Trivia

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Music Trivia

Music is one of life's most important elements. Whether you're a jazz fan, metalhead or country lover; music unites us in ways nothing else can and it always has time for me during my morning commute because hey - there isn't anything better than some good tunes to brighten up your day! When you're not listening to music, you're probably thinking about it, and that's why you should test your knowledge (maybe even against your friends) with our music trivia quiz. We've got music trivia questions from every genre under the sun and from times past and present. How well do you know your favorite artists?

There's only one way to find out, press the start button below and see how you perform on our music trivia quiz!

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The Documentary was the debut studio album of which artist?

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What was the name of the obsessed fan in Eminem's eponymous single?

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In which state was Madonna born?

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Glenn Frey wrote The Eagles' 'Take it Easy' with who else?

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Which is credited with inspiring the 'Twilight' series?

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What year did Michael Jackson die?

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Which of these was performed by Dana Dane?

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Which Australian classic rock band had Scottish roots?

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Which group performed 'Eye of the Tiger'?

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Nirvana's drummer Dave Grohl went on to form another band in the 90s. What band was it?

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Stefani Germanotta is better known as who?

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Which alt rock band recorded a song for Frozen 2?

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Which of these ISN'T a Beatles song?

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Which Beatles song was the title of a movie in 1970?

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Which band has Armenian roots?

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