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We've assembled 100 bible trivia questions that have been carefully curated to test your knowledge of the Holy Book. Find out how knowledgeable you truly are by answering these tricky bible trivia questions that cover topics from throughout the New and Old Testament. Can you answer tough questions from Leviticus, Genesis, Exodus Psalms, Ezekiel or the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, or the Gospel of John? If you want to find out, take a shot at our Bible trivia quiz below.

Press the start button below to answer our Bible trivia questions below - you'll get the correct answers once you complete the quiz. Each quiz has 15 questions from our database, so you can keep taking the quiz and getting different questions each time!

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In which language was most of the New Testament originally written?

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Which apostle also raises someone from death?

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What did Rachel name Benjamin before she died?

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Who was Moses and Aaron's sister?

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What is the root of all evil?

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How did the disciple James die?

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Who was Rachel's last son?

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In which river did John the Baptist do his work?

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In the parable of the Prodigal Son, what was his work once his money ran out?

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Who was 'the father of many nations'?

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What does John say about men who love God but hate one another?

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What was Luke's job before he joined the early church?

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Which of the apostles denied Jesus three times after his arrest?

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What is Bartholomew's other name?

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Where did Mary and Joseph hide the baby Jesus to protect him from Herod?

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