Did you ever wonder about the trivia of trivia?  Where did trivia come from?  How did it start and where?  Let’s explore the trivia of trivia!

We did not put together this video but it is a great explainer on the history of trivia–that was done by the very talented Jeremiah Warren who also has a YouTube channel here.  Below the video you will find interesting excerpts.



Excerpts from The Video

  • The first known use of the word “trivia” can be traced to 1589.
  • In the 1900’s the word had its first relation to modern usage of “small factoid of information”
  • Trivia got it’s start via quiz-based game shows shown on prime time TV in the 1950’s.
  • It was found out that game show producers rigged the results of the game shows so, in the 1960’s, trivia game shows basically disappeared off of television
  • Two students from Columbia University organized quiz competitions and wrote a book titled “Trivia” which became a New York Times best seller.
  • The initial trivia book was followed by many others.
  • The game Trivial Pursuit was released in 1979 and has sold about 100,000,000 copies worldwide.
  • The popular TV show Jeopardy was re-released shortly thereafter and is still being played today.
  • In more recent history, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” and other quiz-based game shows followed.
  • Today, computer games, phone apps, and websites like this one carry on the tradition of filling people’s brains with mostly useless bits of information called TRIVIA!