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Disney Trivia

We all have that one friend who thinks they know everything there is to know about Disney movies. They are the Disney trivia question expert. Or, maybe that friend is you. Perhaps you can name all the toys in Toy Story and all the dwarves from Snow White. Whether you want to test your Disney trivia knowledge or play with a group of friends, we have an amazing and challenging set of Disney trivia questions for you. Take these free trivia questions as many times as you want!

We have put together 100 questions about the Lion King, Aladdin and more Disney classics. Begin your fun by clicking the start button below. Good luck!

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What does Abu turn into for Aladdin to ride?

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Who finally convinced Simba to come home?

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Ursula is:

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What ends the lives of Elsa and Anna's parents in Frozen?

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In the Little Mermaid, what name does Ursula take as a human?

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Which 'Wicked' vetaran gives Elsa her voice?

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What pulls Triton's underwater chariot in the Little Mermaid?

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What species of animal is the first shown in the Lion King?

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What is Sebastian's first name?

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What was Triton's wedding gift to Ariel and Eric?

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What did Abu touch in the Cave of Wonders?

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In Frozen, which warm thing does Olaf love?

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Which of these animals is NOT mentioned in 'Prince Ali'?

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Which of these actors does not have a role in Aladdin?

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According to Scuttle, a fork is called a:

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